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Our customers span the globe. We provide quality 3D models using the highest level of CG technology for transportation, buildings, industrial and much more. Some of our clients are in the advertising industry, others are architects while more still are in movie and television.
There are no limits to who can be a customer of Gandoza. We focus on quality models on popular items so that you have everything you need for your presentation, television show or movie. You can change the colors, customize the pieces or use them as is.
All you need to do is animate the graphics we’ve created. Your customers and clients will appreciate interacting with a 3D model more than anything else, which is why we have been able to develop such a large customer base. This technology is entering the market at a very rapid pace but you don’t have to do all of the work – you just need to know where to look.
How to Buy
  •     Browse 3D models using the search engine with keywords or categories.
  •     Sort and select the 3d model that interests you.
  •     We will show you detailed information and multiple preview images of 3d model, 360 degree turntable HD video available for some models.
  •     Add 3d models to shopping cart and check out. Then you will be redirect to secure payment page at PayPal.  
  •     Once payment has been processed, you will be redirected to the download page, 3d model will be available straight away for immediate download.
  •     We offer a Quality Guarantee on all our 3d models. See our Refund and Return policy.
  •     Gandoza is currently offering special offer up to 50 percent off. We guarantee the best prices and high quality 3d models to our customers. Compare our product ranges and prices against the competitors to make sure we are offering the best possible deal.
Custom 3D Modeling

Getting started is easy. To initiate the process, we will first need to assess your needs in order to provide an accurate time and price quote. By answering the questions listed below and sending them to, we will be able to promptly respond to your individual needs.

1.    Can you provide reference photos, drawings, sketches and/or blueprints of what you have in mind for the project?
2.    Do you need your 3D model in low or high poly resolution?
3.    What file format should we deliver the completed work in? (3ds max, 3ds, maya, obj, etc.)
4.    What purpose for the 3D model? Will you use it for TV, game, animation, advertising or something else?
5.    What is the timeframe you have in mind for the project?
6.    What kind of budget are you working with regarding this project?
7.    Is there any other pertinent information we should know regarding your request?

The price varies with any 3D model because every project is unique. The cost estimate is dependent on many factors, making it impossible to provide a price quote without first reviewing your project request. But as a guideline, a custom 3D model that is adjusted to your specific needs is likely to cost more than a stock 3D model, even if it has a comparable level of detail and intricacy. Besides being tailored to your specifications, the reason why the cost is greater for an exclusive 3D model is because the customer retains the rights to the finished product once it’s complete.

How does a non-exclusive 3D model differ from an exclusive 3D model?

With a non-exclusive model, the license is non-transferable. This means that while you are able to use a non-exclusive model for your purposes, you do not own the rights to it. To the contrary, when you purchase an exclusive 3D model, you hold the rights and can use it as you wish. You can even resell it as a stock 3D model for others to use, as well as put it to use for other 3D modeling and rendering projects for yourself.

Many times, people search through hundreds of 3D stock models and never find one that satisfies all their wants and needs. This is where we come in. Gandoza has some of the best 3D modelers in the industry. Our expert team is able to work with each customer individually, creating high-quality, custom work. Best of all, our rates are affordable and we deliver our projects on time.

Rendering solutions:

If you have rendering needs, Gandoza is your go-to place. We have a wide range of 3D models to choose from. browse out catalog, select the model you need, and talk to us about staging, lighting, dimensions and camera angles. The price will be determined by taking into consideration the original model price and the 3D model’s complexity.
Following are some of our satisfied customers whom we was honored to serve:

"After using Gandoza's services, I must say that I'm very impressed.  I have used other companies before for my past projects but this takes quality to a whole new level. Gandoza is far ahead of its competition.”

Dylan Griffin

"Wow! This company provides top notch service going above and beyond what was promised!  Our 3D models are highly specialized and we expected it to take weeks. The order was completed in a timely manner and at a fraction of the price that other companies had quoted us. Thank you once again. We will definitely be using your services in the future.”

Nicola Louch

"I hired Gandoza for a new advertisement campaigns and I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. They don't just promise high quality 3D models. They actually deliver! Your service is brilliant and I'm proud to recommend you.”

Evan Michelle

"For years and years I have been looking for a model of a School Bus to complete my collection, you would not believe how hard it is to find one in the United States. A friend in my model building club mentioned and how awesome and amazing your models are. I was hooked right away when I saw that bus on your front page but then looking through all of your options I was sold! My bus model came in perfect shape and is better than I could have ever put together myself!
Thanks for completing my set.”

Jimmy F.

"I highly recommend Gandoza. They're a class above other companies. Their 3D models are brilliant and high quality. You could not ask for anything more. Will use them for all my projects.”

Lori Volkert

"I wanted to thank you for all of the options on your site, there are so many items to choose from and purchase. I have enjoyed building models as long as I can remember but in more recent years though my hands haven't been as steady and I began having a very hard time building 3d models. Thanks to your site, now I can still enjoy them but don't have to do any of the dirty work.
Much appreciated”

M. Kims

"We are very pleased with the services provided by It was a pleasure working with them from the start to finish. When it comes to 3D modeling, they know what they are doing and their work is probably better than anyone else we have worked with.”

David Hyde

"I needed a complex 3D model designed and I hired Gandoza because I was impressed with their work ethics and their quality designs. Prices are affordable especially with their 50% discounts. Their customer service is first class. Certainly one of the best on the net.”

Lauren Galindo