Gandoza.Com Terms Of Use

The 3D models that you purchase from may be used in any industry that you purchase them for. Feel free to use them throughout your presentations, in movies, video games or any other purpose. We have constantly sold these 3D models to people in architecture, medicine, engineering, and many others.  The licensing agreement that we pass on to you is that you may use them within your own industry for your purposes only. You are not permitted to resell them as 3D models in any 3D format. Further, you may not lend them out or pass them on to others in your industry or any others, either. This includes any version of the 3D format that you get from  Once you make the purchase for your model, be it a model of a mode of transportation, a building or any other model that we offer, it is for your strict use only. If someone else you knows needs a 3D model, we will be more than happy to sell them a separate licensing agreement for the use of the model.  Throughout certain times, we offer free downloads of particular 3D models on our site at These fall under the same licensing agreement as our 3D models for sale do. These, too, may not be passed on or sold to anyone inside or outside of your industry. Everyone who needs one of our 3D models must come through the website and either download or make the purchase of their own accord so that they can sign off on the licensing agreement. This is for everyone’s benefit.  We would like to know how many people are using our models and you should make sure that you aren’t using a model that isn’t readily available on the market. You should want something unique for your presentation, image renderings, movies or other applications.  Whenever you make purchases through, you are not granted the copyright of the 3D models. We own the copyright to everything we well through the site and that we make for a particular client, unless otherwise stated within a unique instance of a licensing agreement.  Anyone buying a 3D model is not granted the right to sell or distribute any of the 3D models that are purchased or freely downloaded from the website. If you have any questions or concerns about the rights to the graphics that you get from our site, please contact us and we will be happy to explain what you are able to do with the graphics that you purchase.  The licensing agreement that we put in place enables us to keep the prices affordable for everyone. If someone loves the 3D model you downloaded, send them the link to our site, not the graphic itself.